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Cass@Azar2Planetwalk is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to raising environmental consciousness and promoting earth stewardship.

Saving the planet one step at a time.

Our work transcends cultural, social and political boundaries by fostering communication and research between young people, scientists, and environmental practioners through a global network and educational programs. Planetwalk encourages peace among all people by making peace with nature.

John Francis, Ph.D. founded Planetwalk in 1982 when he began his walking and sailing pilgrimage around the world. To date, Dr. Francis has walked across the U.S., sailed and walked through the Caribbean, and South America from Venezuela to Argentina and a walk in Cuba. Currently, he is continuing a walk backtracking his first walk  from Cape May NJ. to Point Reyes CA.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Planet Walk

  1. Thanks for visiting the new Planetwalk website. We are in the process of building an online community based on walking and the idea that mutual respect of each other will manifest positively in our environment. Our first project is Planetlines.

  2. Heard a smidge of an interview with you on NPR yesterday morning. I was moved enough to look you up on web and am very interested in learning more about your treks in the past and your ongoing commitment to z planet. Consider me a new fan. :)

  3. Dear Mr. John Francis…..I listened to your Ted talk and seventeen years of silence. I was simply stunned and inspired at the same time. We live in an age of continuous distraction and subtle and not so subtle manipulations. I consider your 17 years of Silence a challenge to all concerned citizens of this planet.
    Kind Regards

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