Today’s Watercolor

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Book 1
January 1973

Sunrise on Tomales Bay, Inverness, California
This is the first painting in a journey that spans over 30 years of daily drawings and watercolors. It begins several months after I gave up the use of motor vehicles in 1972. It passes through the beginning of my 17-year vow of silence, the founding of Planetwalk in 1982 and my walk across America starting in 1983. Sometimes I will title a painting, and perhaps add some comment, other times they will be untitled with or without comment. I invite you to share in my journey and/or create your own painting journal. When I began I used a small elementary school paint set the kind with 8 colors and small sable brush that was used for makeup. I was inspired by Picasso and the story that he did some art every day. Enjoy and have a Happy New Year.

John Francis

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