2016 Year in Review and Walking Forward into 2017

Since last year Planetwalks have taken place in schools in China, Malaysia, and last September in Singapore at the Stamford American International School, along with a TV Asia interview. The students put together a short video that was featured on our FB.

And of course our Planetwalk US, was a great success, spreading the idea of sustainability through the ideal of learning to care for the planet and each other. Next year’s walk will again be in May, when the weather promises to be pleasant for walking. We will be camping at the France Park.

In November I was invited to serve as a mentor for the Unreasonable Group Impact Barclay a gathering in Port Jarvis, NY, hosting young and older Entrepreneurs from around the world. Participants worked with Barclays Bank to hone presentations of investment opportunities for potential funders. Marketing companies and other media companies where available to lend assistance and take on new clients. Super Top Secret, a marketing company offered to take on Planetwalk and the Walking Classroom. We have begun working together. While I can’t tell you the super top secret, details. Let’s just say it is Super Cool.

During Thanksgiving Day weekend, the Guardian newspaper published an interview in their Sunday Magazine, which has prompted a lot of interest in Planetwalk from overseas.

In January I spoke at the Stewardship Network in East Lansing, Michigan. On Earth Day, April 22, I will be in Bellingham, WA, as a National Geographic speaker at Western Washington University. We continue to work with Dan Kinzer, on the Walking Campus.

We need your help to continue Planetwalk’s work and to take Planetwalk to the next level by developing something new in education, The Walking Campus.

If you believe as I do, that how we treat each other is how we treat the environment them please make a donation to Planetwalk by pressing the “Donate” Button at the top left of our website, and help Planetwalk continue to make a difference …one step at a time.

Planetwalk, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, based on a mission to raise environmental consciousness and to promote peace at the grassroots through environmental education programs and scientific research.

John Francis

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