Planetwalk Update: January 9, 2016


Well it has be two months since our last meeting and as promised here is an update.

Planetwalk has a new live website with the help of Dylan who lives in Seattle. Take a look. The new site can take donations, and inquires for speaking dates. Along with the calendar there is a daily watercolor painting posted that will be posted on our new Planetwalk FaceBook page as well.

I am now the new owner of a Samsung Android phone, thanks to Board member John Graham. He was right in the ease in which I can post on the website and FaceBook.

No grants have come through as yet. I did however hear from the HM Jackson Foundation that they would not be able to fund the project of the Walking Campus.

There are several proposals out, including the XQ super school proposal. The 2nd part is due 2/15/16.

Stanford University passed on my application, others are still in play.

Thanks to Murray for taking a look at my treatment for the Planetwalker Screen play. I am still fine-tuning it and waiting to hear for Joe Dante who is just back in his office after the holidays.

If you have any questions for the next update or suggestions for the Website please forward them to me.


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